Question: Why am I not “livin’ the dream”? Answer: Your “dream” isn’t yours and it sucks.


How many of us have dreams? I’m confident that all of us do. But how many of us actually go for them? Not very many I’d assume. Otherwise we’d live in a completely different world. Why don’t we chase our dreams? It seems like a simple enough question but as you know it is one of the most difficult and more frustrating questions you will ever be asked. This article is about two, and only two simple questions:

1. What do you want?

How many can truly answer that question without saying something completely superficial or extremely sad and vague? “I want money. I want a new car. I want to be happy.”  Most of us have no idea what it is we want because we are constantly being told by someone else. We are bombarded by media of all sorts literally 24/7 and it’s slowly killing us. It taking away our dreams and replacing them with someone else’s. Do you want to know the easiest way to find out what you want? Ask yourself, “What did I want to be when I was a child?”, and your answer will be clear. Even if it sounds completely ridiculous, it is the truth. When I was a little boy the first real dream I had (“real” as in not The Red Power Ranger or Peter Pan) was to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones. I was obsessed with all things archaeology and even made my Mom design my room to look like an archaeological dig site. I wanted to learn everything about everything and definitely kill some Nazis along the way.

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We won’t get into why I’m not an archaeologist today. But did you sit and think about it? What did you want to be when you were a child? Do you even remember? I know it’s hard to sit and think about what you wanted, and then look at what you have, but it is worth it. Try and remember all the good things about your dream and how it made you feel when you were pretending to be that person of your dreams. It fells good doesn’t it? Just the mere thought of being whatever you wanted with the world at your fingertips. Well I got news for you. You can still have all of it. It is all still possible. You are still young. You are still that same little child with a head full of dreams. Just say what it is you want and it will come. In big pieces or in small, it’s all up to you. That leads us to question number two.

2. Why aren’t you trying to achieve it?

Dream is just a fancy word for want. I dream of being a polyglot (a speaker of many languages) or I want to be a polyglot, are essentially the same thing. A conscious dream is nothing more than what you want out of your life. But of course, someone will always find excuses on how this all not true. Most people put down their own dreams because they are “impossible” or “unrealistic”, that’s nonsense, you’re just scared to dig down deep. You afraid of what you might find. I know this because I’ve done it. It’s hard and It’s painful. But once you find it and you realize that you are already making small steps towards your dream, all that pain goes away. Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut and always read books about space on your lunch breaks. Maybe you wanted to be an artist for a major studio, but took the safe job and now draw in your free time. What you do in your free time is usually what you’ve been dreaming of doing for a living. A hobby can turn into a career, you just have to know how to do it. Small steps can lead to big dreams.


Assuming you made it this far, I congratulation you. Most people see the world “dream” and an image of Cinderella or Mickey Mouse pop up in their heads, and they get frustrated and turn on the TV. Your dreams don’t have to upset you, you don’t have to stop believing that they will come true. But unfortunately this isn’t Cinderella and most of us don’t have Mickey’s insatiable drive to succeed. This is the real world and we have a real problem, we hate our lives. You’ve taken the first step by asking yourself, “What did I want to be when I was a child?”, and that first step is the big one. Don’t be afraid to do what you want. If it makes you happy, go out and get it. Fight for what is yours. It’s your dream and no one else’s. Only you can make it come true.

Keep moving forward,



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