Cliche quotes and obscure pictures: How stupid memes can give you everything you want


It seems that everyone is constantly crying about having all the things in life they wish they didn’t have. “I have no money.” “I have the worst job.” “I have no friends on Facebook.” That last one maybe a little extreme but you get the idea. Why is it that when we are in the company of others the majority of our time is dedicated to talking about the things we hate and the things we wish we had? What would happen if you decided to do the complete opposite? What if your days were filled with nothing but positive thoughts about your own life? Right about now people are done reading and I’ll tell you why. This task is too difficult. Doing something to improve your life is hard. Being a cynic and a complainer is easy.

Every five seconds we are hit with some sort of philosophical quote accompanied by a obscure picture:


Quote: “Good things come to those who wait.”

Message: Be patient and all that you want will come to you eventually.


Quote: “The early bird gets the worm.”

Message: Don’t be patient and your actions will give you what you want immediately.

Which one do you follow? Do you stay patient and wait for your life to eventually be the way you want? or Do you go out and chase the life of your dreams to get whatever it is you want? The answer is clear. It’s all up to you. Oh no, you read this far only to find out something you know you have heard already. Yeah, you did. Deal with it and read on. If you don’t think your little choices matter and you have no control, think again. The best way to describe how it all depends on you is by using Google Chrome. What? Google Chrome? What does that have to do with my life and my dreams? It all comes down to another cliche quote and obscure picture.


Quote: “You get what you give”

Message: What you do directly affects what you have and who you are.

The message is as simple as it is cliche. That is why Google Chrome is the perfect example of why you have what you don’t want. How does Google chrome work? You use the browser as you would any other browser but there is one big difference, It not only remembers your searches, but it uses them as a basis for advertising on your favorite sites. If you type in “graduate school”, guess what the next one hundred sidebar ads are going to contain. Yes, every grad school under the sun both big and small. It is microcosm for your life and very literal one at that. If all you do is search for the things you hate, what a “coincidence”, they keep showing up again and again in your life. That’s why there is no such thing as coincidence. You are what you search for. You get what you are constantly thinking about. Opportunities come to those who put themselves in positions to receive them. All successful people know this. Now it’s your turn.

In conclusion, you have everything you want already. You choose which cliche quote to follow. You choose which thought to have, just as you choose which shirt to put on. Controlling your thoughts is tough work so start small. What are you Googling? Yes that’s a word. Is it positive? Is it negative? Does it make you a better person or closer to your dreams? If not, let some other loser reap the “benefits” of that search. You’re too busy searching for how to better your life. The world is at your fingertips. What are you going to search for next?


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