Follow these 5 Rules to Stay Motivated for Success.


It’s mid-January. And for most of you that means that you’ve already forgotten about your New Year’s resolution. If you need some motivation to keep moving forward, look no further. Here are five things you can do to set yourself ahead of the rest and make this year your best yet:

1. Always be ready for opportunity to strike (or work).

When you are starting to feel that fleeting motivation, open your mind to new opportunities. A closed mind can only lead to negativity or cynicism. Opportunity comes to those who are open to it. Call it whatever you like: fate, coincidence, the law of attraction, it’s all the same. The fact is that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. A cliche but it’s true. Open your mind and opportunity will come.

2. Always be willing to work on yourself (or on your goals).

Once you have your goals in order. You must be willing to work on them and challenge yourself daily. Don’t waste your time doing something with no benefit. Life is not about just going through the motions. Everything you do should have a purpose and meaning. In order to have what others do not, you must being willing to do what others will not.

3. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” (Not a rule, but a state of being)

This quote comes from one of the most famous motivational speeches on the internet. Eric Thomas has made this simple formula for success. But most will never follow it. Why? Because unsuccessful people will stop reaching for their goals at the first barrier of entry. You must stop at nothing to achieve your goals. No wall is too high and no obstacle is too difficult. Achievement is like air. you need it to live and without it, you will most certainly die.

4. Throw away all distractions that keep you from breathing (a.k.a. succeeding).

Knowledge has been limited to the rich and powerful through out human history. For the first time the internet has provided almost all with access to the information to better their lives. But what do we do with this knowledge and information? The majority do nothing. Our distractions have made dull and uninterested. If anything the internet has made us feel small. We are not small. It is only focus that we lack. Priorities are just as important as goals. Budget your time wisely. Set your priorities straight. Achieve your goals.

5. Act as if money were not option.

What would you do if money were not an option? It’s a tough question, but must work at your goals as if money were not the driving force. What happens when you attach money to your favorite hobby? It becomes a job or work and ultimately less fun. Money will always be a necessity in this world but it does not have to be your ultimate motivation. Your intrinsic values are the most important things that you possess. Decide your values. Live by your morals. Set your goals. Achieve your dreams.

30 million views. Eric Thomas must be saying something right. Enjoy!

Keep Moving Forward,



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